Industrial Automation When we talk about industrial automation, among our responsibilities are: Development and implementation of automation projects; Development of software for control and supervision; Wide range of choices of brands of automation, such as Siemens, Rockwell, Eaton, gizzard, GE Fanuc, Ellipse, Wizcon, iFIX, etc; Supply, installation and start-up of weighing systems, protection of over-weight and density measurement;   References Scania (São Bernardo - SP); - Automation of the air transport system for the exchange engine for trucks. Malteria do Vale (Taubaté - SP); - Development of power projects. - Full automation of the malting process. - Maintenance contract of the plant. Agromalte (Guarapuava - PR); - Full automation of the malting process. Gerdau (Mogi das Cruzes - SP); - Automation of the finishing lines of the steel bars. - Automation of the lines to quench bars. - Automation of the bars cutter scissors. Gerdau (Pindamonhangaba - SP); - Automation of utilities and transportation of bars in the line of continuous casting. - Automation of dosage and alloy addition to the arc furnace. Petrobras (Cubatão - SP); - Implementation of logic interlock and protection of intelligent MCCs profibus network in thermal plant generation. Angra II Power Plant(Angra dos Reis - RJ); - Development of software for control and supervision to the air-conditioning system. Honda (Sumaré - SP); - Automation of the transport system of splinter and oil recovery.